Studies About How Infants Learn New Words
We explore how the sound of words affect how easy it is to learn what words mean.  We show infants different made-up objects matched with new labels and measure what children learn about them.  We measure learning by monitoring their attention to the labels and objects.


Studies About How Infants Identify Words

These studies are about how infants identify individual words in fluent streams of speech based on how consistently sounds go together.  We give infants two to five minutes of exposure to a speech stream of made-up new words and then measure their response to the new sounds sequences.


If you have questions about our research or are interested in participating, contact us anytime by phone at (530) 297-4498 or email us

The Language Learning Lab is located at 202 Cousteau Place Suite 250, in the same building as the PG&E Customer Care Center.


Language Learning Lab